The best cappuccino in Barcelona. How to prepare a good cappuccino

Do you fancy a good cappuccino?

Making a cappuccino is not too complicated, of echo in almost all coffee shops offer it, but really they are a "real" cappuccino us offering? That is another story. Recomienda Suarna...FacebookTwitterPinterest...

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Making a cappuccino is not too complicated, of echo in almost all coffee shops offer it, but really they are a "real" cappuccino us offering? That is another story.

You know the story of the cappuccino

The word cappuccino dates from the early 20th century, but the name was not associated with the drink we know today until shortly before 1950.

The term cappuccino comes color hoods used by the Friars and nuns Capuchin in Italy, precisely this country gave rise to this unique beverage, and is in honor of them, which began so call this type of coffee.

The best cappuccino in Barcelona

How to get the best cappuccino in Barcelona?

 To get that flavor of cappuccino, there are several factors that come into play, one of them is to work with a good coffee, which offers the Illy brand, brand with which we work in Suarna, cold milk (if it is entire or best semi) and good technique in the preparation of foam, to get a thick cream sweet and velvety. Without these components, get a good cappuccino becomes complicated. Another important component in the preparation of cappuccino is espresso coffee machine. The first was patented in Italy in 1901 by Luigi Bezzera, and they have evolved so much that today we find ourselves connected via bluetooth using the grinder machines, the achaean we use in our restaurant.

Following the recommendations give us from Illy, a cappuccino corresponds approximately to 150 ml of drink, consisting of an expreso(30ml) + equal parts of milk and cream. One of the keys is in the preparation of foam, since foam with too many bubbles, or little thick, are synonymous with bad cappuccino.


The cappuccino is usually a drink that is served hot, but there is a cold variety known as cappuccino Freddo or cappuccino ice cream which often is served with a small scoop of cold frothed milk.

Sometimes the cappuccino may be covered with shavings of chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon or sugar. And it is that variations may be infinite with this drink. Also we can find a cappuccino Chiaro (white cappuccino, made with more milk) or a cappuccino dark (dark cappuccino made with less milk).

And if you now want to take a good cappuccino in barcelona, but you don't know where the answer is very simple, Suarna, of the successful group the clock restaurant. A renowned Italian barista has formed the team in the preparation of this delicious drink. Come and try it, you'll love it.

Here you have a video you want to see how we prepare coffee with milk at bar Suarna… without doubt one of the best places for breakfast in Barcelona.


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