Restaurant to go with children in Barcelona | Suarna.

Restaurant to go with children in Barcelona | Restaurant Suarna

Restaurant for children in Barcelona Barcelona is a city full of restaurants, restaurants of all kinds, with all sorts of kitchens, with different themes and different categories. In fact, only in the Catalan capital, there are more than 27000 bars and restaurants. Despite this, there is a type of re...

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Restaurant for children in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of restaurants, restaurants of all kinds, with all sorts of kitchens, with different themes and different categories. In fact, only in the Catalan capital, there are more than 27000 bars and restaurants. Despite this, there is a type of restaurant which is quite scarce in Barcelona, and that many parents Miss, we refer to the restaurants to go with children.

In restaurant Suarna, we know how complicated it is to go out to eat with your children in Barcelona and find a restaurant in which, in addition to eating well, have fun and be comfortable. For this reason, we have created a children’s play area for the little ones, in addition to designing a unique letter for them. If you were looking for a family restaurant in Barcelona already she has found it!!

Then, let’s see, what entertainment will find your kids in our restaurant.

Parco Giochi per Bambini

Can you imagine being able to eat quietly at a restaurant, while your child has fun playing with other children? Can you imagine your child wanting to visit a restaurant? Would you like to enjoy the desktop while your children read a story or paint on a Board? Thanks to restaurant Suarna, all this and much more is possible. From now on, eat with children in Barcelona, it will not be synonymous with anger and tears.

On the top floor of the restaurant, we have created a small child play area, a corner intended for them, in which your children will love big. There you will find toys of all kinds, balls, to painting, educational games, stories, but above all, fun.

A children’s area, which will delight the little ones of the House, and that will keep them entertained while you enjoy at the table. Find a restaurant to go with children in Barcelona, will no longer be a problem.

The use of this area is totally free for our customers.

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Children’s menu

From the moment that they feel at the table, kids already know that they are in a restaurant designed for them. As soon as they are to eat, we will put them special kids, patterned tablecloths so they can paint on them. In this way they will be entertained until it reaches your plate.

In a restaurant for children, something that can not miss, is a children’s menu. Our kitchen team, has designed a child letter, in which you will have several options to choose. On the menu you’ll find dishes of pasta, Hamburger, chicken… all of them accompanied by natural fries, salad or vegetables, they will also enjoy a fantastic dessert and if this little, have a small surprise accompanying the menu outside.


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places to go with children in Barcelonato go with children barcelona restaurantsTablets with games for children

If the children games area of the restaurant outside little, you available to you several full games tablets for children. In tablets, your kids will find games of all kinds, from board games, checkers or Parcheesi, passing football, educational games, memory games, games for painting and much more.go out with children in Barcelona eating outrestaurant to go with children in BarcelonaRestaurant for children in Barcelonarestaurant with games for kids in barcelonawhere to go with kids in barcelonaeat with children in barcelona

All our customers can make free use of these tablets.

Service of reading magazines and free children’s stories

Another service that we have for our customers, and for free, is the ability to read magazines from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You can read some of the best magazines on the market: very interesting, Mia, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, which read and many more.

And if you come with your children, there is also a section with fairy tales.

family restaurant in Barcelona for family

Location of restaurant

Suarna restaurant, is located 2 minutes from Plaça Espanya, in the middle of the side of Avenue.

In the vicinity you can find the Mall Arenas de Barcelona. From which you can have a stunning views of the city or take your children to the movies, among other things. Just a few metres, you will find the magic fountain of Montjuic, ideal to come with children and see their face of astonishment to admire the spectacle of lights, water and color.

Best tapas in barcelona montjuic fountain Restaurant to go with children in Barcelona

Just in front of the restaurant, are the buildings of the Fira de Barcelona. And in this area, where usually many activities focused on children, such as “La festa dels Súpers” (Club Super 3) or the children’s room or children’s Festival, this year 2015, beginning on December 27 and ends January 4, 2016, a whole week of fun and adventure for the little ones.

And to eat and replenish forces, what better place to go with kids than restaurant Suarna.

Celebrate your children’s birthdays with us

As you can see, Suarna is one of the best restaurants to go with children in Barcelona. Here your children feel happy, make friends and will leave the restaurant wanting to return.

Now also can organize birthday kids reserve the upstairs room, which accommodates up to 50 people, and, as you know, has enabled a play area so that your children are entertained and have fun playing with their friends.

So that everything goes perfect, we have menus for birthdays of children, intended exclusively for the smallest of the House.

Birthday kids menu restaurant Suarna

A friendly local, special menus for children, games and lots of fun, is what awaits your children and their friends in restaurant Suarna. Give them the best birthday of their lives!!

Preferred online, our restaurant, appears as one of the best places in Barcelona to go to lunch or dinner with family.  Enter on their website, and read the great article written with the title, “Suarna, restaurant to go with children in Barcelona”.
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